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Friday, December 12, 2003

Mollusc anybody?

Rowan Moore of the London-based Architecture Foundation causes outrage by describing the Millennium Stadium as a "hideous mating of DIY superstore and suspension bridge" and the Wales Millennium Centre as a "giant mollusc." Personally, I have been descibing the Millennium Centre as a giant mollusc since I first saw the designs. It is truly the ugliest building in Cardiff and on a Wales-wide basis is beaten only by the new Swansea Central Police Station, the main feature of which is a wall covered with blue tiles from a public lavatory. However, in defence of the Millennium Stadium, it is obvious that Mr. Moore has never been to a big game there. As a stadium it is awe-inspiring, as a piece of architecture it dominates the Cardiff skyline and gives that City a distinctive and attractive look. I suppose that it is just as well that the new Assembly Chamber building is not yet complete. However, just in case Mr. Moore comes back at the end of 2006 and is lost for words, he should know that the model looks like a giant petrol station.

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