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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Those bombers

I am indebted to Nemo for his insight on a press release by the UKIP. He writes "If the BNP reacted to violence against non-whites by saying it was the natural consequence, or "the price", of forcing "a political idea" (such as multiculturalism) on people, most people would be appalled. Yet this is what UKIP have said about the spate of letter bombings around the European Union." In a press release dated 6 January we are told that "The U.K. Independence Party said today that the spate of letter bombs sent to leading European Union politicians were the price of forcing a political ideal on people without giving them a choice." How can any so-called democratic party condone violence in this way? Nemo sums it up far better than I can. He says, "the EU is not a dictatorship and the people targeted were directly elected MEPs of various nations. If someone does not agree with their politics they should dispute it via the ballot box, not by letter bomb. Which is why I think UKIP's attempt to condone or empathise with would-be murderers is beyond the pale."

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