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Thursday, August 12, 2004


It seems that the Labour dirty tricks machine has gone into overdrive in Hartlepool already. The smears experienced in Leicester and Birmingham are beginning to pale into insignificance in comparison. Labour are trying to suggest that the Liberal Democrat candidate is accountable for the cases she has represented as a Barrister - their line is how many more drugs addicts and pushers is she prepared to protect - because she was the barrister at a sentencing 4 years ago. Are Labour now saying that people are not entitled to a legal defence? Shades of a police state in that I think. I wonder what the Prime Minister's wife would make of that argument? Would they like her (and her husband) to be held personally accountable for the actions of the people she represents? I think not. Clearly, Labour feel they cannot win fighting on their record or their policies. At least they have not had an opportunity to roll out the sort of racist literature they used in the other two by-elections yet.

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