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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

100 reasons to love the Welsh Assembly

It is no wonder that Welsh Assembly Tory Leader, Nick Bourne, has become a convert to full law-making powers for Wales. He has obviously been reading the website of my friend Aled Edwards.

Aled has long been an enthusiast for devolution and has done a fantastic job in selling its benefits to a wider audience. He has now published 'Welsh Devolution's 100 main achievements' . These include a greater redistribution of wealth, a children's commissioner, considerable advantages for Welsh students, free travel and swimming for pensioners, the Wales Millennium Centre, Iaith Pawb, the Ryder Cup, a smoke free Wales, free admission to Welsh museums, leading the way on digital hearing aids and of course, rekindled links with Patagonia.

Read the list. It will take your breath away. And what better time to publish it, on the eve of the opening of the Senedd on St. David's Day? Now, Aled, could you do something to improve the performance of the Welsh Rugby team as well?
He also says that his favourite AM's weblog is Leighton Andrews's...
Im somewhat suprised that you havent said anything about the mace that has been gifted to the senedd from the parliament of new south wales.

"99. Helped Wales Win the Right to fly the Dragon on Car Number Plates"

Wow !!! Well that's convincing proof that it's not all a complete waste of money!

What's this though?
It was announced in December 2001 the UK Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, which has responsibility for vehicle registration regulations, initially expressed concerns about the ability of enforcement cameras to read number-plates with flags. However, following advances in technology and high-profile campaigning by drivers across the UK, it has been decided to allow national identities to be displayed. Welcoming the move, Sue Essex, the Assembly Minister for Environment, said: "The people of Wales were particularly vocal about the suggestion that the national flag was not permitted on vehicle number-plates."
So it wasn't an Assembly victory at all. Indeed there's no suggestion the Assembly even lobbied for it.

No mention of child poverty either.
Yes, I noticed the reference to Leighton's blog as well David. Proof that his judgement is not perfect. Still I note that he is linking to Leighton's old site so he clearly cannot be reading it at the moment.
You guys are such geeks.
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