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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cajoling turns to threats

Peter Hain's optimism about the four Welsh Police Authorities agreeing to voluntarily 'merge' to form one all-Wales force has now turned to threats. According to the BBC Mr. Hain has asserted that there is now a "danger" of the Welsh police authorities missing out on financial incentives.

Commenting on funding for the mergers, he said: "There is money up front. It has been provided.

"It may even be possible to increase it if there's serious negotiation, but if the authorities sit on their hands and refuse to do anything then the Home Office and the Government is left with no alternative but to legislate.

"I don't think that's in the interests of policing in Wales."

Mr Hain also urged the authorities to negotiate with the government.

He added: "The best way to get the best deal is to go in and negotiate, not to sit back and refuse to do so. So that's my best advice to the police authorities.

The four Police Authorities refused to give up their status voluntarily because they had not had answers to a whole series of complex but vital questions on the proposed merger. They were particularly concerned at the lack of guarantees on funding the cost of setting up the new Police force. All-in-all the deafening silence from the Home Office on these issues seemed to indicate that they were working off the back of an envelope and had not thought through their own proposals.

Now, Peter Hain is effectively saying that police authorities should abandon their responsibilities to Council taxpayers, take a stab in the dark and trust the Government, regardless of the fact that all the evidence indicates that to do so would amount to a dereliction of duty. If they do not play ball and the Government has to legislate then all the money that was supposedly on the table could mysteriously disappear.

If it sounds like a threat and it looks like a threat then it is a threat. Isn't this sort of thing illegal? Should not a nearby Chief Constable be alerted and asked to investigate?
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