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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A coalition of sorts

Having done a few interviews recently speculating on likely coalitions after the 2007 Assembly elections I was pleased to see a throw-away comment by Lembit Öpik this morning that might well assist in dealing with this enquiries.

Commenting on the second reading vote on the Education Bill, in which Tony Blair got his legislation passed only with the help of the Tories, Lembit said he was "disappointed but not surprised by the result. People ask the Liberal Democrats theoretical questions about coalitions but now we have a practical example of a coalition between Labour and the Conservatives. The two are converging philosophically on so many issues and we're heading back to an old-fashioned Conservative education policy."

Perhaps the next Assembly elections will throw up a Labour-Tory coalition running Wales with Rhodri Morgan as First Minister and Nick Bourne as his deputy. Now that would be entertaining.
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