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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Grief!

Dragon's Eye today reported that Plaid Cymru are threatening to sue Labour for misrepresentation if they keep on claiming that the Nationalists intend to go into coalition with the Tories after 3rd May.

Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary leader, Elfyn Llwyd, was virtually apopolectic in his interview, repeatedly calling senior Labour politicians liars. It was not a pretty sight and certainly not a good start to the campaign. That interview alone will be enough to turn many people off politics.

As for Rhodri Morgan, he was like the cat who had got the cream. Plaid Cymru have done his job for him. They have paraded their own sensitivities and insecurities for all to see. They have gone onto the defensive before the campaign starts, and they are not even in Government. At this rate they will self-destruct before nominations close.
Oh Plaid, it's such a shame, but it's plain to see that you are not the Party you claim to be. RIP
Another day and two mentions of Plaid from you already...you are getting obsessed. Four leaders? Thats almost as many as you!
I just follow the news agenda Mark. When I last looked in Wales we only had one leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats plus a group leader in the Assembly.
I can't quite see where the 4 party leaders "quote" has come from, but surely the Lib Dems have a National Leader, a welsh parliamentary leader, a leader in the european parliament and a leader in the assembly? As do all parties.

I think the most shocking thing from Dragon's Armpit was that Rhodri Morgan said that if you wanted a party's manifesto put into practice you must vote Labour, because any other party would most likely have to govern in coalition. Based on most likely election outcomes what he says is correct. But isn't the only logical conclusion to that comment that you must therefore have one party rule by Labour forever ?

Give me a democratic coalition anyday over the one party rule we've had at Westminster for 28 years.
As a party the Liberal Democrats have a Welsh Leader, a Scottish Leader, a group leader in the European Parliament and a Federal Leader.
Don't you have a leader of the Welsh party (the cheeky one isn't it?) and an assembly group leader or are they now one and the same? You also have a party president and a Leader in the Lords.Therefore if you reckon Plaid have four leaders then by the same calculation you have six or seven or so many i have lost count.
Perhaps Plaid has put "more grunt up front" than brain power. Plaid has done to itself more than Labour could have hoped for, because Plaid have been shown up as the party with no clothes, a party that has been reduced to relying on gimmicks like offering laptops to 11 year olds. It is now "plain to see that Plaid is not the party it claims to be" (mutated from a FYC song). RIP Plaid
In Wales we have two, a Welsh Party Leader and an Assembly Group Leader. Our Welsh Party President is not comparable to Plaid's, he does not act in a leadership role but chairs the Executive and liases between the party and the Parliamentarians.

Our Leader in the House of Lords is a group leader but acts on a Federal basis. Of course we also have Council group leaders as do Plaid, the Tories and Labour but I dont think they really count in this discussion.
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