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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The blame game

This is just a small point, but should the current Labour Assembly Education Minister really be blaming her Labour predecessor for the failure to invest in school buildings? In yesterday's Plenary session Jane Davidson did just that when she said:

When I became Minister, the amount of money spent on school buildings was a pittance compared with what we are spending today.

As she succeeded Rosemary Butler who had been the responsible Labour Assembly Minister for a year and prior to that Alun Michael who was the responsible Secretary of State for Wales from 1997 to 1999, it is worth asking the question why it took so long for Labour to address this problem?

Could it be that the Government only started to take this issue seriously when they went into Partnership Government with the Welsh Liberal Democrats in September 2000 with a commitment to start investing in school buildings? I think that could have been the case.

No wonder Jane is not that popular with her Labour colleagues when she publicly blames them for previous failings in this way.
Ron Davies was in charge for most of 1997 and 1998 not Alun Michael.
Yes, fair comment. Still a Labour Minister though. Wasnt Peter Hain the Welsh Office Minister in charge of Education?
Any comments on the stock transfer vote ? The 'no' vote in the long run is bad news for the tenants in Swansea. It's obvious that they didn't believe the information that was being produced by the council.Do you think that the vote is more a comment on Swansea politics than the issue of stock transfer? After all in the case of Bridgend the vote 'yes' was overwhelmimg from council tenants on a much higher turnout.
Yes, I would concur with that. Full comment is here
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