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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The DNA of a Labour politician

Former Home Secretary and possible Leadership contender, Charles Clarke, has demonstrated just how much he has lost the plot yesterday with a call for DNA details to be put on the identity cards database – despite warnings it will be accessed by crooks.

Mr. Clarke's contribution drew from the Home Office the frank admission that their scheme is already flawed. A spokesperson admitted that fraudsters can already scan biometric passports without our knowledge.

Tory MP, Grant Shapps summed up the concerns: “Imagine what will happen if all your information, everything about who you are is stored in one place.

"It raises the prospect that information will be skimmed straight off your ID card as you walk down the street, simply by someone brushing past you.

“If your credit card gets stolen, the card can be stopped with relative ease. What are you going to do if someone steals all your personal details and your DNA profile?”

It is becoming clearer every day that not only will ID cards provide no additional security or protection for individuals or the state but that they may actually offer a fast track method of identity theft that can be exploited by criminals.


You sum up that part of the argument against ID cards perfectly.

Now we need to just get this (and the other arguments) out there more.
I'm puzzled by this - why not do what many other countries do, put a photo on driving licenses?

… I want a photo of a Giraffe on mine - those eyelashes "are so good, so very very good".

Dr. Christopher - Doolittle, and I mean little - Wood
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