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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Open revolt

It seems that David Cameron is not the only Tory leader to be having problems with his grass roots if this letter in the Western Mail is anything to go by:

SIR - Although I am a Conservative I cannot share Nick Bourne's enthusiasm for devolution.

Mr Bourne and his gang in the Assembly may have embraced devolution but most party members here in South East Wales have not.

It is pleasing that the party has put forward policies on the health service and education, although these can easily be delivered by a Conservative government at Westminster.

I do not agree with the policy on proportional representation. This is a sop to the Liberal Democrats and one that does not find favour with Conservative councillors. Many of us in the party still hope the party leadership will see sense and allow us the opportunity to have a referendum on the future of the Assembly with the option for its abolition.

Conservative member of Newport City Council, Allt-Yr-Yn Road, Newport

Will Nick Bourne spend the Assembly election campaign looking over his shoulder fear of being stabbed in the back by his own activists?

I can only hope that such abolitionalists are a dying breed. Literally.
its not really a sop to the Lib dems its a selfish move my the conservatives. if you look a the 2003 assembly election results the conservatives gained 11 seats 10 of them were from the PR element of the additional member system. therefore i suppose that they would be more sucessful as a party with PR. nothing to do with the liberal democrats.
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