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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A positive outlook

A nice bit of bravado from Business Minister, Jane Hutt, this morning as she insisted that Labour will not countenance anything other than regaining its Assembly majority in the run-up to May’s election:

She dismissed suggestions of poor polling data and allegations that Labour’s tactic of concentrating its fire on the Tories’ record in office was creating a negative campaign.

“There is no talk of anything but us coming through as we did in 2003,” she told the Assembly Government’s weekly press briefing."

Whether Labour seriously believe any of this is doubtful but they have to keep up the pretence so as to reassure their own voters and Parliamentarians and to get out the vote. However, Jane did stretch credibility a bit too far in her claim that Labour will be indulging in positive campaigning.

Nominations have not even opened yet and already Labour are producing an American-style attack ad for Youtube. Many of us may well be able to identify with the sentiments in this video but one cannot help thinking that Labour would have been better off concentrating on their own policies rather than slagging off the opposition.
''better off concentrating on their own policies rather than slagging off the oppositon''

which opposition party will use this line the most whenever challenged on their own policies?
Having viewed the YouTube broadcast, I tried to leave a comment (that you can on most videos) unfortunately, my comment had to be permitted by the owner! It seems that Labour still does not believe in the freedom of speech.

I have no illusions about what the Tories did to Wales. The problem with that is that the Tories could produce one their own from 1979 (remember the dead not being buried, or the rubbish not collected, or old people dying of cold) or for that matter from the present regime (people dying hospital, police not turning up, or for that matter richer getting richer)

It’s a 2 edge sword!

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