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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Too clever by half

Another busy day starting with an NUT Cymru Conference in Cardiff and then back to Swansea to greet Charles Kennedy and Lembit Őpik, who are visiting as part of their two day campaign tour around Wales.

I was talking to some Labour MPs on Thursday night and made the suggestion that Gordon Brown had tried to be too clever in his budget and that this had rebounded on him. One of the MPs agreed with me and suggested that his advisors should have foreseen this and planned accordingly. They expressed astonishment that this had not been done.

Whether this will affect Gordon's coronation as Labour leader has yet to be seen, but if this poll, reported in today's Sun has anything to do with it, there could be a number of MPs reconsidering their options this weekend.

The poll found that Gordon Brown’s popularity nosedived after Wednesday’s Budget. The number of voters who believe he would be a good Prime Minister dropped to 30 per cent from 40 per cent in December. The Populus poll also revealed that 18 to 24-year-olds have least faith in him being a successful Premier.

Interesting times indeed.
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