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Monday, October 06, 2008

To blog or not to blog?

The Bevan Foundation and Positif Politics is to stage a debate in the Assembly from 6pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday 21 October 2008 on the value of political blogging.

Speaking in favour are myself and BBC blogger Betsan Powys. Opposed are Eleanor Burnham AM and Annabelle Harlle from the Electoral Reform Society. In the chair is Victoria Winckler, who is Director of the Bevan Foundation.
why would anyone argue against freedom of speach and the right to blog! Bonkers at it again i see! Any excuse for a bit of lib dem on lib dem argument!
My memory is pretty is clear. Eleanor once wanted a blog. It was her researcher who talked her out of it! Has she since had a change of mind?
If you'll forgive me for asking, Peter - why only "official" voices?

Surely a key point of political blogging is accessibility to political debate by anyone willing to put in the thought, sweat, tears, time and persistence?

To me, that's a disappointment compared to the work that has been going on in NI where it has been the other way round - the Slugger Awards were the grass roots telling the political and journalistic professions whether they were doing well or not.

Surely you want people speaking who have discovered that a blog is a creative way to get involved in politics - it needs someone like (say) Valleysmam.

Matt Wardman
I did not organise the event Matt. I am just speaking.
>I am just speaking.

Fair enough and I take you point !

We have a bit of debate anyway.

I say invite Chris G !
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