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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The one thing we think we know about next year is that Rhodri Morgan will be standing down as leader of the Wales Labour Party and there will be a contest to succeed him. Both Carwyn Jones and Huw Lewis have been touted as potential candidates but the one person who has dropped out of the limelight as a contender since his illness a few months ago is Finance and Public Services Minister, Andrew Davies.

This does not mean that Andrew Davies will not run, just that he seems to have had other things to do other than set out his stall in advance of the official start of the contest. Maybe he has decided that he has other priorities. Either way there are signs that he is beginning to let his hair down a bit recently, not least in the video Christmas card his staff circulated to all Assembly Members a few days ago.

Personally, I think that a dancing elf is just what we need for the next First Minister. Will the brothers and sisters in the Wales Labour Party agree? We shall have to see.

Who says that politicians do not go clubbing anymore?
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