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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hay Festival Day Two

Fantastic start to my Hay Festival visit and plenty to look forward to. We are starting today by attending a conversation between Peter Florence and Henning Mankell, the creator of Wallender and then going on to see Marcus Brigstocke, Andre Vincent and Carrie Quinlan. I have high expectations of both.

And then it is politics with Chris Patten telling us how to survive the twenty first century followed by Alan Bennett and then David Simon, the creator of The Wire. Finally, Alex Valentine in concert. His four line, four line word poems accompanying the single Hurricane have had 264,846 views on YouTube.

Wonder what is happening in the outside world.

Update: Henning Mankell cancelled so we attended the replacement session entitled 'Overthrow Parliament now'. There was a great deal of sympathy for this point of view, though Helena Kennedy, Marcus Brigstocke and Phillippe Sands made an excellent case for fundamental reform led by citizens themselves.
yeah, there quite interesting these 4 line poems initially..after a while I think they lack depth, allusion and one knows that the form is intrinsically confined to its parameters it has set for itself...can i say more!
Not a lot!

Something appears to be kicking off in North Korea, but they do have WMDs unlike Iraq.

Having seen the map of the world with the ranges which the Korean missiles can hit, you should be OK in Hay, unless they decide to fire the Taepodong-2 missile.
its takeaway food culture poetry...! low attention span stuff on a pseudo-sudoku grid
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