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Friday, May 15, 2009

More pressure on the Speaker

The BBC website is reporting that Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, Chris Huhne has joined those calling on Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin to go over the fiasco behind the publication of MPs' expenses:

Mr Huhne told the BBC: "I think Michael Martin will have to go. I don't think he's the right person to do this job."

Speaking on BBC 2's Newsnight, Mr Huhne said: "Whatever his virtues in the past, the truth is we need new leadership to make sure we grapple with this issue.

"I think that the Speaker needs to be a reformer who's going to be determined to sweep the stables clean."

I understand that the no confidence motion is gathering support and may be debated shortly.
I hope the newspapers look at the positive side also....that not all M.P.'s are benefit fraudsters..maybe publish those who have claimed little ..maybe give the public some faith back in those who put themselves on the line to represent the populace...but bad news is always more favourable in selling newspapers than its opposite.. alas
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