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Friday, October 16, 2009

Shortsighted cuts

Over on the Institute of Welsh Affairs blog the organisation's Deputy Director argues that the 5 per cent cuts to higher and further education institutions contained in the Welsh Government's draft budget are shortsighted.

She points out that apparently they are not cuts but ‘efficiency savings’: 'Other departments are looking to make ‘efficiency savings’ of around 1.6 per cent so I am left wondering why higher and further education institutions are able to make further savings, especially when university settlements in recent years have also entailed cutbacks.'

She continues: The Assembly’s Enterprise and Learning Committee’s report into the Economic Contribution of Higher Education identifies the sector as having a huge multiplier effect on the economy. For every £1 million you invest in Higher Education, the economy gets £5.3 million back. According to the Holtham Commission, Wales has 17 per cent more students per head than England which means that we should have a good source of future income from our student population.

Wales’s 25 further education colleges and institutions provide 80 per cent of all post-16 qualifications in Wales. The majority of these courses are part time which enables students to work whilst studying for a qualification. Wales has consistently been shown to provide a better standard of Further Education than England which gives Wales a real head start in the provision of skilled workers to the business community. This may be why further education colleges are over-subscribed across Wales.

She is absolutely right in arguing that we should be investing in people's skills during a recession not making it more difficult for them to get the training and education they need. But will the Welsh Government listen?
Labour new spin campaign, they are not cuts they are savings.

Anyone in his right mind know this party could not save anything not even it's self.
There are no jobs in Wales, so why do we need graduates?

The only advantage in Wales of having people in colleges and universities is it means less people on the dole, so keeping the numbers down.

Any graduate should look at going across the atlantic, or the other side of the World in Austrilia or New Zealand
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