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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twitter at large

When somebody said that Twitter would take over your life they may well have been joking, however if this advert is anything to go by then it has certainly entered the job market place:

While the eye-grabbing headline is asking for a “Twitter Genius” in Greenwich Village, the actual role is an “expert” social media marketer for some sort of e-commerce startup. “I need someone who tweets in their sleep and updates their fb status before calling their mom on Mother’s Day,” the description reads. And it gets better.

Background, education, references? Nah, these people don’t care about that stuff. All that really matters for getting this job is to follow the six little rules perfectly. Those are:

1) Email me two tweets. The first should be about your experience. The second should by why you’re perfect for this job. If you exceed twitter’s allotted character count, you’re done.

2) Email me your Twitter name in link form (e.g. http://www.twitter.com/YOURNAME)

3) Tell me how many followers you have and how many people you follow.

4) Tell me who’s the best person you follow and why (in tweet form).

5) Tell me what’s the best way to get more followers (in tweet form).

6) Specific salary requirement.

So basically, if this application is more than 600 characters or so, you’re done. And you better be damn well ready to talk briefly about how you can best self-promote, or you’re done. Also, it’s probably better if you don’t want too much money. But don’t say why, keep it short.

I suppose it will ensure that they can keep staff meetings short. Will the interview be conducted in 140 character chunks as well?
Thinking about how I'd answer those questions, there's a subtle quality to them which could really sort out low and high quality applicants.

Forcing people to be concise whilst answering broad questions is a good test of knowledge and writing ability. If that's what the job needs could turn out to be a more useful filtering process than reading a pile of CVs.
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