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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Has Lembit learnt his lesson?

Nobody of a nervous or sensitive disposition should click on this link, which shows a 47 year old man, approximately six foot in height, and weighing around 13 stone, being hospitalised by a professional wrestler, standing 6 foot six inches tall, weighing about 20 stone and aged 25 years old.

It is the sort of mismatch that professional wrestling bodies are created to prevent and it is little wonder that the wrestler, Kade Callous has been suspended for 30 days for his part in this farce.

What is difficult to understand is what Lembit Őpik thought he was doing getting involved in this tag team wrestling match in the first place. Has he really lost the plot or is it yet another example of the poor judgement that has dogged his whole career?

Anybody who is close to Lembit needs to have a quiet word and tell him to get his act together before he really is hurt badly. He has never understood that people were not laughing with him, but at him.

Nowadays, we are not laughing at all.
Yes, but a lack of judgment that has netted him some of the most beautiful girls in the world.
I think that is his sense of humour
Lembit must have his eye on a new beautiful girl and figures he will net her on a sympathy/mother tag line. Personally: I would be willing to take a hard knock or two in the same vain.
The wrestler should not have done that to him, he dropped Lembit onto his knee, into Lembits lower back. That is not a usual move for wrestlers to make, as this could have caused permanent spinal damage. Lembit should have gone in with an older, more controlled wrestler who would not have tried to hurt him badly
btw, is Lembit OK? Hope so. We need his form of funnyness - breaks up the monotony of this ugly recession.
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